Premium Sails
for your Sun
Protection & Ambience

Since 1999 Incompar has been designing shade on the Balearic Islands, the Spanish Mainland and the Canary Islands. Whether you have a precise idea about your sail, where you need shade, or are absolutely not sure how to shade your chosen location, we are your experts. We advise you on site and create a fixed price offer including a 3D visualization and shadow progression free of charge.



Our specialized staff has been installing highend Sun sails for more than 25 years now. Each system is individually tailored to the local conditions and the customers requirements.

You can count on us to create the entire project, or to cater to your specific needs. In addition, we provide sophisticated engineering services which are necessary to meet the increasingly demanding and complex challenges of contemporary construction.

House insulation, isolation, occupational safety, cleanliness, punctuality, flexibility and a professional appearance are standard for us.


Sun & Shade
365 days a year.


Triangular Models

Using SunSquares patented engineering, the triangular sail is the ultimate achievement in sun sail and shading technology. An electronic furling system custom built to each Client's size and needs, using the finest stainless steel and aluminum materials on the market.The trinagular sail is the true definition of evolving shade.This incredibly versatile product can be installed as an architectural accent, a courtyard cover, or even as an open space cover up to 80 square meters per sail.


Rectangular Models

SunSquare recognized that many modern buildings cannot accommodate triangular sails so they developed the most advanced rectangular awning system on the market today. With its reputation for high quality materials and nearly invincible products, the Rectangle sun sail is no less impressive than its siblings. These electronically automated sun sails are built from stainless steel and aircraft-grade aluminum, custom made to suit the needs of each client.