Premium Sails for Sun Protection 25-70m²

Triangular sail

Using the company’s patented engineering, the Square is the ultimate achievement in sun sail and shading technology. Electronically automated furling, custom constructed to every client’s dimensions and tilt, using the highest-grade stainless steel and aluminum materials available; the Square is the true definition of evolving shade. An incredibly diverse product, Incompar can install triangular sails as awnings, accents, to cover courtyards, or even free open spaces. Installed to provide the best shade for your needs, should a square sail prove unfitting, the same construct can be appropriated for a double triangle sail, allowing alternative positioning of the central shaft. A free consultation at your property with experienced Incompar staff will quickly determine how best to install a triangular sail on your property. Call now to arrange a date

Rectangular sail

Realizing that not everyone’s needs are triangular sails, SunSquare has provided us with most advanced rectangular awning system on the market. Maintaining its reputation of high quality materials for practically invincible products, the Rectangle sun sail is every bit as impressive as its older sibling products.Custom made for each client’s needs, this electronically automated sun sail is built from high-grade stainless steel and aircraft-grade aluminum parts.

Available with fabrics that provide equal rain and sun protection, this design can be appropriated to any size and need, from boat decks, to restaurant courtyards, to private pool-side lounge areas. A quick visit from an experienced Incompar staff member can quickly determine how best to install a sail fitting your needs; call now to arrange a date!