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Sun Sails


E-Mobility and Carports

New: Fold & Roll

available August 2018

The newest invention from Gerald Wurz for Sun- and Rainprotection.

Sail twistable 270° increases the protection area up to 75m². lf wind gets to strong, the armsystem folds automatically. The sail retracts overhead. A clockwork controlls precisely the retraction. Thats mechanical algorithmus from handcratt by SunSquare.

Availability starts August 2018

Download: New: Fold & Roll Broschur

Boom 2.0

Boom is a contemporary motorised shade. Open / close this shade with a touch of a button. The in-built sensor closes the shade automatically in high winds. Wall or mast mounting. Single or grouped, boom is an elegant shade that enhances outdoor spaces. Attached are some concept visuals of our proposed new boom shade.

Our aims with the new model are:

  • Lighter [ 6m unit + - 75Kg]
  • Easier to install
  • Motorised position setting for angle adjustments etc
  • Wider range of fabrics offered
  • Lengths unto 6m
  • Lighting, speakers ++

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