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    PensilAuto is modular and suits car parks of any size.
    The support frame provides perfect static balance with high resistance to snow and wind loads. PensilAuto comes with a structural analysis report and a 15-year guarantee.

    A single “PensilAuto” structure is designed to cover long rows of parking spaces with a maximum length of 60 meters.

    PensilAuto comprises silver anodised aluminium profiles and steel joints that have been treated with cataphoresis and coated with polyester powder, a technique used by car manufacturers to protect the mechanical components set in the external lower part of cars. Therefore PensilAuto needs no maintenance.

    The following table refers to canopies for a maximum of 6 cars. Geographical location will dictate the model, wind and snow loadings must be taken into consideration.

    Colour of components: RAL 9005
    Parking lots (P)
    A (MAX.)
    Parking lots (P)
    A (MAX.)
    2 Parking 604 cm 5 Parking 1404 cm
    3 Parking 850 cm 6 Parking 1650 cm
    4 Parking 1104 cm
    PROFILES' CROSS_SECTIONS (measures in mm)


    Pensilauto Broschur

    Aluminium profiles and cataphoresis and polyester powder coated steel components.
    CE certification
    Individual components are CE certified
    Made in Italy
    100% made in Italy
    Installation without foundation works with reinforced concrete bases.
    Piastre pensiline
    Installation with special steel plates on reinforced concrete foundations.
    Pensilauto telo
    PVC roof cover Ferrari Precontraint 602 blackout matt, white and other colours
    Pensilauto sandwich
    Sandwich roof cover, greyish white

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