The ultimate sun umbrella alternative 9-16m²

Developed as an alternative to parasols the products of the BOOM-series are very special in the world of shadow solutions. Pivoting installed at a fixed point this multi-fuctional product is equipped with an electronically controlled rolling-in system during strong winds and membranes for protection against sun, rain and evening humidity. It is made of high-end quality aluminium and can be mounted uncomplicated to a wall or a free-standing fixed point.

Due to its variable sun and rain protection options for both private and commercial use, BOOM inspires both sun and shade adorers as a durable shadow-maker. More details you will can find at:

boom opens to offer a shade of contemporary design.

At a touch of a button, the fabric expands from the profile with a theatrical elegance. Opening a sunshade becomes an event, a delight, something to enjoy. The idea behind boom is the creation of a modern, practical shade product that enhances the outdoor space. When the shade is open, the cantilevered design provides a clear space, free from supports. When closed, the fabric is totally encased by the profile, keeping it clean and safe, hidden from view. Unlike conventional umbrellas, boom retains its elegance even when closed.
boom is Water Resistant!
Water runs off the special fabric that has water resistance woven into the fibres, it is not a treatment sprayed on and subject to ware. The aluminium parts are protected to UK Architectural standards.

When the wind blows, the built-in detector closes boom automatically. Wall mounted or on a mast, single or multiple groupings, boom shades with style. Gardens, pool-sides, restaurants, cafes, hotels, universities, corporates spaces, resorts or marinas all benefit from boom shading.